Monthly Archives: July 2013

Ebb Tide

Today I have a new painting to the watercolour gallery. Ebb tide was great fun to do with wet-in-wet washes and fine details on the rocks and pebbles. The perspective is key to pulling you into the painting and give you a feeling of being on the beach. The sea is drawing back before the next wave comes in and light from the sky highlights patches here and there. There are many types of rocks and pebbles including granite and chert; a fine-grained sedimentary rock which often contains fossils.


Huntingdon Art Exhibition

The annual Huntingdon Art Exhibition is this coming weekend 27 – 28 July 2013. Doors open at 10 am so don’t be late. I have only been with this group for a few months but I am really impressed with the standard of work. Lots of styles and subjects will be on view and I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone has done.

The exhibition is free to everyone so if you have a spare hour or two, get yourself down there. And you get to vote for your favourite painting.

The address is Queen Elizabeth Hall, Godmanchester, Huntingdon. PE29 2NB. For those of you who know the area, it’s near the Chinese Bridge. Click here to see the map.

Woodland Scene


I have added a new painting of a woodland scene today. To create this painting I took a few photos of the log and did a couple of quick sketches. I took these home and using this information I rearranged things to make an interesting composition which included the butterflies. After sketching out I built up the watercolour washes and added a few touches of ink to bring out some of the dark and finer details. Click the image below or go to the Landscape Gallery to see a larger image.